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Terms and conditions


By registering with the application you accept the general conditions of Elsa`s Language Studio and you close a contract with the studio. The application will be given to you when you decide to join the studio.


The fee is to be paid before the course begins.

The costs doesn't include books and copies of the lessons.

If the student at any time has to resign from the contract, the fee is still to be paid.

The abos are valid for 6 months starting with the first lesson.

Cancellation or Withdrawal

Provided that there are still least 30 days before the course is due to begin, the applicant may cancel the contract for a fee equal to 20% of the full course fees. Otherwise the balance of the full course fees are payable on cancellation or later withdrawal from the course for any reason. All Abos can only be refunded in lessons not transfer of money.

Illness etc.

The lessons will not be replaced because of student's illness, and he or she are not to be given any refunds in this matter. This also includes students who are absent for no special reason.

If you have a private lesson, the lesson is to be cancelled 24 hours in advance. Canceling after this limit means paying for the lesson.

If the teacher is sick, the lessons will be moved.

Excluding students

The Studio keeps the right to exclude students who act in a way that disturbs the class from its learning process. The course fee is not to be refunded if the student is excluded.


Resignation from the course is not possible, unless there are serious sickness, accidents etc involved. In any case, a doctor`s certificate or other official document has to be presented.


Privacy policy

Your data is to be treated confidentially.

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