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My name is Elsa Scherffenberg Klausen. I graduated with my German degree in 1998 and have worked as a German teacher since graduation. I also hold Spanish and Norwegian degrees. 

I came with my family to Switzerland 2007 and have worked as a German teacher for foreign adults since 2010 in Zürichsee International Language Studio in Wollerau.

From 2013 until 2020 I also had German lessons for the teachers at Obersee Bilingual School. The teachers have English as their main language at school and needed to learn German and had as a goal to to finish the Goethe exam. Teaching the teachers was a very interesting job and always gave you a challenge.

After decades of teaching, I wanted to create a German studio to be able to teach groups in basic German from level A1 up to level of B2.

My goal is to give foreigners confidence to speak German by learning in small groups. Small groups create a comfortable environment and allow for more intense, one on one student/teacher interaction. Important for my studio is also that no class will have more than 6 students. This is to create a better learning process.

Most of my students have as a goal to finish the B1/B2 exam known as Goethe-Institut examinations. They are well known throughout the world and the associated cerificates are accepted as a qualification by employers.

Please note that all of my students until now have passed their Goethe-Institut exam, that gives a certain success guaranteed, eventhough a success will allways depend on a students own will to make it.

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