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German A1/A2

This is a beginner's class. The focus is to learn basic German. After completion of level A2, you will be able to speak easy dialogs in Switzerland.

German B1/B2

This class builds on level A1 and A2. Dialogs will be taken to a higher level with more advanced grammar. After this level you will be able to take an extern test. If you pass the test your German will be good enough to work in Switzerland.

German Conversation Class

This class builds on the level of B1/B2. That means that your German should be at level A2 or B1/B2 to be able to converse about different subjects and manage daily situations in Switzerland. Vocabulary will have a strong focus and also some important Swiss words and phrases for practical situations in Switzerland will be mentioned.

Class Schedule:

A1 - B2  please ask for schedule

Conversation and new group classes can be organized if enough interest.

Private lessons can be organized after your schedule. Ask for more Information..

 Norwegian and English upon request!

Please contact the studio for more information regarding teachers and lessons.

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